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Full Vehicle Evaluation: A six page written report detailing the condition of the interior, exterior, accessories, brakes, engine, drivetrain, suspension and exhaust.
Commonly used for: Persons looking to buy or sell a used vehicle
Maintenance Evaluation: A five page written report detailing the condition of the brakes,engine, drivetrain, suspension, and exhaust.
Commonly used for:
  1.  To diagnose problems which may be covered by a warranty so they can be repaired before the warranty expires.
  2. To project and plan for repairs and  maintenance.
  3. To be used as a second opinion on damages and repairs needed.
Appraisal: To determine the dollar value of a vehicle.  A certified Appraisal consists of an in-person viewing, taking into account all additions and deductions combined with local sources and current book values.
Commonly used for:
  1. Custom and Classic vehicle owners to obtain insurance or loans.
  2.  Bankrupcy, divorce, or any other legal case.
  3.  Insurance value
Diminished Value Appraisal:
Call for details 314-968-2992
Expert Witness: Where legal matters are concerned, our ASE certified technicians have the knowledge, expertise, and data base of information to support the findings of any of our services in a court of law.
Commonly used for: Lawyers and persons involved in legal matters regarding vehicles. 
** All services can be perfrmed at our location or the vehicles location.
** All technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

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