Appraisal & Evaluation

Appraisal & Evaluation


Full Vehicle Evaluation: A six page written report detailing the condition of the interior, exterior, accessories, brakes, engine, drivetrain, suspension and exhaust. Commonly used for: Persons looking to buy or sell a used vehicle

Maintenance Evaluation: A five page written report detailing the condition of the brakes,engine, drivetrain, suspension, and exhaust.


To determine the dollar value of a vehicle. A certified Appraisal consists of an in-person viewing, taking into account all additions and deductions combined with local sources and current book values.

Expert Witness

Where legal matters are concerned, our ASE certified technicians have the knowledge, expertise, and data base of information to support the findings of any of our services in a court of law.

** Services can be perfrmed at our location or the vehicles location.
** All technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).


Common Uses: Appraisal Evaluation Diminished
Obtaining insurance or loan
Pre-purchase Inspection
(custom, classic, etc.)
Insurance Value
After Accident
(for insurance)
​Second Opinion
(on repairs needed)
(bankrupcy, divorce, etc.)
Check for Repairs
(before warranty expires)