Are Your Suspension Components Damaged?

Understanding Your Vehicle's Suspension System

Your vehicle comprises numerous systems to enhance your safety and comfort. One of the essential systems in your car is its suspension. Without your suspension, you'd feel every bump in the road and experience an extremely uncomfortable ride.

To better understand how your suspension system works, you need to get better acclimated with its various parts. The suspension repair experts at Auto Evaluators in St. Louis, Missouri, are more than happy to explain.

Here are the most critical parts of your suspension that you should better understand.

Coil Springs

These suspension parts effectively absorb the impacts when you drive over potholes, bumps, or ditches. Some vehicles have metal rods instead of springs.


The shock absorbers work with your springs to reduce the impact of rough roads. Though your car's springs absorb the impact, the shocks help them reduce their movement.

Linkages and Rods

Your suspension system is linked together by different rods. Its metal linkages are made from super strong material and should last as long as your vehicle does.

Bearings, Bushings, and Joints

These parts connect the linkages to the more significant components of your suspension system. The bearings and bushings also promote several different parts' twisting and sliding actions.

If your bushings are made from rubber, they will eventually wear out over time. If your car is experiencing these suspension issues, call the automotive repair technicians at Auto Evaluators today.


This is your suspension system's most significant component. It carries the load and weight of your entire vehicle, including the different parts we previously discussed.

St. Louis's Suspension Repair Experts

Today, if you think your car has suspension problems, contact the car care professionals at Auto Evaluators in St. Louis, Missouri. We've provided our customers with high-quality auto repair services for nearly 25 years.

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